About Us

About Us

Grandpa Federico

Federico Serrani was a craftsman and a self-taught philosopher, born in the Marche, Italy, in the late XIX century. Curious and industrious worker, often dispensed advice to friends and customers taking them from his books collection. "Around the World in 80 Days" by Jules Verne, his favorite book, is our vision. It is imagination, travel, ambition and technology. In 2017 we created a limited edition dedicated to another of his favorite novels. "The Count of Montecristo". The colors are inspirated to the island, that we love very much. Can't wait to add new books and stories to our collection.

100% Made in Italy

 All Federico Serrani products are designed, conceived and built in Italy, thanks to a team of designers, professional photographers and craftsmen. The company's headquarter is located in the Marche region, in one of the most famous districts in the world for footwear and leather

Federico Serrani

Elegance and technology