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Welcome to our site We invite all users who visit the Site and all customers / buyers who purchase our products through the Site (hereafter Users / Clients) to read our Privacy Policy, which applies during site navigation, use of the services offered and / or the purchase of the products.Visiting and using the Website for viewing or purchasing the products FedericoSerranisi expressly agrees to the processing and disclosure of personal data in the manner described in this information.

The processing of personal data of Users / Customers of the Site will be conducted in accordance with applicable law, in particular the GDPR 2016/679 .  We also invite our Users / Customers to read the General Terms of Use of the Site, as they also contain information on the privacy and security systems adopted by the Site.

The policy

Everyone has the right to protect their personal data. FedericoSerrani, as an independent entity,  respects the confidentiality of its Users / Clients and their right to be informed about the collection and how to process their personal data. The personal data of the Users / Clients (as a non-exhaustive example: Name, Surname, Address, Mail, Telephone Number) will be collected when registering at the Site, either at order or during contact with Customer Care. The data will be processed by Federico Serrani s.r.l. in order to allow the registration of the Site, the identification of Users / Clients, the management of personal accounts, the collection and execution of orders, the delivery of ordered products, payment processing or the provision of a service (such as Customer Care assistance in case of questions or requests for return) and, upon express request, the sending of newsletters and, more generally, commercial and promo / commercial information and / or material about our products, events and services as well as access to promotional or special benefits and promotions, sales campaigns via emails, sms, mms, telephone or postal communications, and through social networking with the necessary management of their data base.

This information may also be used to request a feedback on the Site and the services offered, and in particular for the submission of surveys for the assessment and assessment of the satisfaction of the Users / Clients on the quality of the products in order to adapt the our communications and business offers to the taste and the needs of Users / Clients to make them more interesting and appreciative.

Statistic data may also be collected for the purposes of site consultation, navigation and sales, and such information may be transferred to selected third parties. Personal data may also be used for internal marketing and purchasing behavior studies along with non-personal data to analyze and track the profile and monitor user / customer preferences in order to improve our products and services to better understand what may be of interest to our Users / Clients.

In addition, we may monitor or record the communications we have forwarded for the purpose of controlling the quality of services and training purposes.

Exclude any use of credit card information and, more generally, payment media, for purposes other than verification of the existence of means of payment, debit and payment management, and handling of any claims and litigation. For this purpose, the above data will also be processed by the provider providing online payment management services and by the institution that issued the credit card used to validate the order.

You can give your consent for one or more of the following activities:

  • I consent to the processing of personal data according to the information described.
  • I consent to the processing of personal data by FedericoSerrani to receive commercial communications concerning the products and novelties of the FedericoSerrana world.
  • I consent to the processing of personal data by FedericoSerrani to improve my navigation experience and receive proposals in line with my preferences.

WHO is the data subject, who the data owner and what happens after registration.

FedericoSerrani with registered office in Via Vincenzo Bellini, 26, 62105 Monte San Giusto tax code, VAT number and registration number at the Rome Register of Companies 01894260437 is the owner of the personal data of the Users / Clients and deals with the data according to the purpose of the time at the time indicated on the site on the same page as the data. The company FedericoSerrani is the company that sells directly the products on the Site, including sales management activities such as administration, collection, product delivery and customer care.

For the performance of this activity FedericoSerrani deals as a sole proprietor of the processing and according to the applicable privacy law user data such as name and surname, residence and credit card information used by users (eg name and surname of the holder of the card, number, expiration date, security code).

The processing of personal data of Clients / Users visiting and consulting the Site is limited to. navigation data, that is, the data the transmission to the site is implied in the operation of the IT systems responsible for the management of the Site and the use of Internet communication protocols. They are navigation data, for example, the IP addresses or domain names of computers used by users who connect to the Site and other parameters related to the type and operating system used by users.

For more information on navigation data, please visit the Cookies Policy. FedericoSerrani also collects and treats personal data voluntarily provided by User / Clients or otherwise acquired, even with third parties, during their business. The personalities may be voluntarily provided by the User / Client when interacting with the site functionality and requesting the services offered by the site, such as when registering on the Site, or initiatives offered through the Site, in a case of requesting information or information material to FedericoSerrani or sending to FedericoSerranidi a communication by mail or by means of the Website. FedericoSerrani may use the User / Customer's personal data to claim or defend a right in court and to fulfill obligations provided by laws, regulations and Community legislation.

With the consent of the user, which is free and optional, FedericoSerrani may also treat user data for the purpose of defining individual and group profiles (profiling) and for marketing purposes, that is, to send to User / Customer also through newsletters, emails, sms and mms, information and updates on products and offers, exclusive sales, promotional campaigns and events and similar events organized by FedericoSerrani or FedericoSerrani, including any invitations to such events. The User / Customer will always have the opportunity to oppose the processing of your personal information for the sending of promotional information via e-mail; in each communication there will be a special section that specifies how to oppose the treatment and receive no more material and promotional information.

In the specific sections of the Site where the data are collected, a special notice is published pursuant to GDPR statements.  When required under the Privacy Code FedericoSerrani requires your consent before processing your personal data.

FedericoSerrani decides on the purposes and methods of data processing and the tools to be used also with regard to the security profile. For exclusively organizational and functional purposes, for purposes strictly related to and related to the provision of the Services on the Site, the User / Customer data could be transmitted to external companies called "Processing Officers" who carry out certain activities such as, but not limited to, : order performing, order processing and transmission, payment tracking and shipping of the products sold. These companies have been selected because they have demonstrated their ability, experience and reliability, and provide the right guarantee in full compliance with the applicable personal data processing provisions, including the data security profile in accordance with FedericoSerrani.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are short text files that are downloaded to the User / Customer device when you visit a website. Cookies allow a website to recognize the User's device. They have different purposes such as, for example, allowing you to navigate efficiently between pages, remember favorite sites and, in general, improve navigation. The web application can adapt its operations to the needs of users / customers, tastes, collecting and storing information on user preferences.

Cookies also help to ensure that the advertising content displayed online is more targeted to the user and his interests. Depending on the function and purpose of use, cookies can be divided into technical cookies, analytical cookies, session cookies, persistent cookies, profiling cookies, third-party cookies.

Technical cookies:

These cookies are used to browse or provide a service requested by the User. They are not used for other purposes and are normally installed directly by the owner of the website. Without the use of these cookies, some operations could not be performed or would be more complex and / or less secure.

Analytical cookies:

cookies that are commonly used to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site. The analytical cookies register the accesses anonymously, eventually providing generic location information, using the user's IP, while maintaining an approximation relative to the city's name only.

Session cookies:

These are cookies that are deleted when you leave our website or close the application.

Persistent cookies:

they are cookies that continue to be stored in your device for a period of time longer than the duration of the visit, for a period that can vary from one minute to several years. They can be cookies by FedericoSerrani and / or third parties.

Profiling cookies:

These are the cookies used to track the user's browsing on the web and create profiles on his tastes, habits, choices, etc. With these cookies, advertising messages can be transmitted to the user's terminal in line with the preferences already expressed by the same user in the online navigation.

Third-party cookies:

These cookies are set by a website other than the one the user is visiting. This is because on each site there may be elements (images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains, etc.) that reside on servers other than the site visited.

Cookies list of FedericoSerrani:

By browsing the website the following cookies are downloaded:

PHPSESSID: cookie that identifies only the visitor during the visit to the site for the duration of a session

_ga /: expiry date 2 years - third-party cookies whose service is aimed at the statistics of access to the site

You can disable this cookie by clicking here: https: // Hl = en

_gat /: expiry date 10 minutes - third-party cookies whose service is aimed at the statistics of access to the site

cb-enabled: cookie that is automatically registered on first access and is automatically set to "enabled" to allow the user to choose whether to accept it. In this case the cookie value will change to "accepted" and will remain for a period of 365 days.

site_language: cookie that contains the language of the site.


The site uses the Google Analytics statistics service to analyze detailed statistics on visitors / users of the site. As for the use of privacy and cookies by Google Analytics, please refer to their official link for the deactivation of the service refer at the following link where to this end are described the procedures for installing an add-on in the browser for the deactivation of Google Analytics.


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The site also hosts the display of maps through the service offered by Google Maps. For more information on the privacy policy refer to the link of the privacy section of the provider

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